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Hi, my name is Sandra.



I’m an award-winning Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, Designer, Certified Passive House Designer and Wellness Coach that has been working on the design of energy efficient buildings since the early 90's.

Our Homes Are Literally Killing Us and Our Ecosystems

Even before this pandemic hit, we were spending 95% of our time indoors. Our indoor air quality is critical to our health, yet most homes have toxic indoor air.

We are building low-quality homes that do not last long, that become mould-ridden, and need to be renovated constantly.

There is Another Way

There are five key aspects to achieving an energy efficient and healthy home that will improve your health and save you money:

Let me help you with your home.

Six Key Aspects to Getting an Efficient and Healthy Home

Simplify the Process and Guiding Your Design Team

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Add insulation to your home. When you put in enough insulation and use high-quality windows and doors you start to eliminate the chances of getting mould. This also saves you heating and cooling costs.

Air Quality-01

Air Quality

It starts by making your home more airtight. Drafty homes worked well to keep air flowing when energy costs were low, but now we know better. That means adding ventilation to areas like kitchens and baths.

Sourcing Materials

Sourcing Materials

Healthy materials are natural materials that are have less impact on our ecosystems. We make sourcing materials less complex for you and your design team.

Water Conservation-01

Water Conservation

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Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

Build a healthy lifestyle into the design of your home. I have resources that are unique in the industry that you can tap into. Make it easier to have a healthy lifestyle and learn how to integrate nature into your home to enhance wellbeing.

Social Impact-01

Social Impact

Learn how you can give back to your community. Help your local economy. Enhance equity. Learn design principles from the original inhabitors of our land. Learn how your design choices can enhance the wellbeing of our indigenous communities.

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